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My Parents Hired An Exorcist To Rid The ‘Demons’ That Were ‘Making Me Gay’: Video


My Parents Hired An Exorcist To Rid The ‘Demons’ That Were ‘Making Me Gay’: Video

A young gay man recently shared footage on TikTok of an exorcism performed in his bedroom to remove the demons from his room that his parents believed were making him gay.

Andrew Hartzler, 25, shared footage of the incident which was purportedly captured by security cameras installed in the ceiling of his home in Kansas City, Missouri, several years ago.

Hartzler told his 55,000 followers that his devout Christian parents hoped the religious leader would rid the room of “demons” that had hypnotized their son into homosexuality.

“Devil, in Jesus’ name, you foul spirit, leave!” the evangelist can be heard commanding in the clip.

The footage then shows the exorcist opening the bedroom’s closet and compelling evil spirits to leave.

“Something foul is happening in this closet in Jesus’ name. Every evil spirit go now in Jesus’ name,” the man declares.

“I plead, plead the blood of Christ over this closet, over every piece of cloth here,” he continues. “We now commission angels to be in this closet.”

The evangelist can be seen sprinkling oil around the room, claiming it “represents the oil of the holy spirit.”

He then walks over to Hartzler’s bed and declares: “We anoint this bed in the name of Jesus… That every person that touches his bed shall be saved, in Jesus’ name.”

“I‘m so sorry you had to go through this!” one TikToker wrote in response to the clip.

Another stated: “My parents are pretty religious, but this is next level. I don’t know how you made it through that, but my hat’s off to you.”

In an interview with Insider, Hartzler said that the exorcism episode occurred while he was away at college six years ago. He explains he set up the surveillance cameras in his bedroom himself prior to leaving for school, worried his parents would snoop through his things.

Hartzler, who happens to be the nephew of former Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler, said he first came out to his parents at 14, before he was sent to conversion therapy.

“It basically just teaches you learned self-hate, like learning to repress half of your mind. It’s exhausting,” he recalled of the traumatic experience, describing it as one of the “darkest moments of my entire life.”

Hartzler, who was raised in an evangelical sect known as International House of Prayer, came out again to his parents during college, prompting them to call in the evangelist to try and turn their son straight.

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