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Anti-Trans Bigots Unleash Hate After Library Tweets About Fish That Can Change Its Sex


Anti-Trans Bigots Unleash Hate After Library Tweets About Fish That Can Change Its Sex

The British Library was forced to delete a thread about a fish that can change its sex after receiving a barrage of transphobic tweets in response to the informative thread meant to celebrate Pride Month.

“This #Pride month, let us tell you about the Māori wrasse (also known as the humphead wrasse) But its wondrous forehead isn’t the most magnificent thing about this fish – they are protogynous hermaphrodites, which means the females can later change sex to become males,” the now-deleted tweet began.

The library explained that around the age of nine, “females can change sex and become ‘supermales’ = an even more prominent hump and even brighter colour blue and green. Which makes them super attractive to females. Ooh la la.”

The thread noted that in general, sex and reproduction among fish is extremely varied: “Clownfish are protandrous hermaphrodites (M→F)/Coral gobies change sex repeatedly/Freshwater mangrove killifish reproduce by self-fertilisation/All-female Amazon mollies mate with males of other species but completely disregard their sperm.”

After the thread showed how variations in sex and gender is a natural part of our world, anti-trans trolls responded in typical fashion, attacking the library with mockery and hateful comments.

One person mocked, “Pride month is also a celebration of hermaphroditic fish.”

Another wrote, “When people can actually generate vagina, uterus, ovaries, and the endocrine system to support pregnancy, WITHOUT MEDICAL INTERVENTION AND SUPPORT, get back to us. Un til [sic] then, ponder how your example didn’t make the point you think it did.”

“Are you saying gay men are actually women because fish,” another mocked.

Despite removing their fish thread, the library’s June 1st post wishing everyone a happy Pride Month remains up. However, the tweet has also received a deluge of anti-LGBTQ+ responses.

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