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Republican Worried Drag Queens, Trans Soldiers Might Launch Nuclear Missiles At Montana Air Force Base

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Republican Worried Drag Queens, Trans Soldiers Might Launch Nuclear Missiles At Montana Air Force Base

Republican Representative Matt Rosendale of Montana took to the House floor on Thursday to voice his concern about drag performers being allowed to perform at an Air Force base in his home state which is also home to 150 ICBM missiles, reports Newsweek.

Rosendale’s office reported on Wednesday that the Congressman filed and testified in support of an amendment that bans TRICARE, a health care program for active service members, from covering sex reassignment surgeries and hormone treatments for transgender individuals.

“We have drag shows taking place at Malmstrom Air Force Base,” he said while speaking against funding gender reassignment surgeries for military personnel during a U.S. House session. “There are 150 ICBM missiles that are being controlled by that Air Force Base and by these individuals. I do not want someone who doesn’t know if they are a man or a woman with their hand on a missile button.”

The Republican expressed his opposition towards “anything that doesn’t contribute to making our fighting force the most effective” and said that he will not ask Montana residents or the U.S. to allocate funding towards transgender care.

“Anything that doesn’t make our military the most effective fighting force in the world is a distraction. That’s why I introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to prevent taxpayers from having to fund gender reassignment surgeries for military personnel,” he tweeted on Thursday.

“To attract new recruits, the Department of Defense (DOD) launched initiatives that involved carrying out drag performances,” reports Newsweek. “For example, the U.S. Navy launched a pilot program that ran for a few months in which it used a drag queen as a ‘digital ambassador’ to reach out to young people who might be interested in joining the Navy. The move outraged Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.”

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