How to Get a Top to Bottom


This column is part one of a weekly sex-ed series from Woody Miller, sex advice columnist, and author of the best-selling book, How to Bottom Like a Porn Star and How To Top Like A Stud: A Penetrating Guide to Gay Sex. This series combines porn industry secrets with innovative techniques from the latest gay male sex research. Affiliate links used.

You know that guy you’ve always wanted to nail but couldn’t because he was a total top?

What’s his name?

I’m going to show you a wildly clever way to get your favorite top to bottom for you.

First things first. Don’t try to get a top to bottom by establishing dominance or authority too soon.

See, a top is going to react to dominance with even more dominance.

The secret is in getting the top into increasingly submissive positions.

Then using his desire for your body to seduce him into bottoming.

Here Are The 6 Steps To Getting A Top To Bottom

1. Blow Him As He Blows You. Yep, “69!”

Simultaneous blow jobs equalize sex play. Who’s the top if you’re both blowing each other at the same time? Neither. You’re both on the same level. Perfect. It’s easier to go from equal to bottom than from top to bottom. Concentrate on making him enjoy your stiff hard cock. Make sure it goes in and out of his mouth gently so he can feel the full effect of being penetrated–orally. Once you sense that he’s into it, it’s time to …

2. Get Him To Blow You On All Fours

Kneel in front of him and position him on all fours. He’ll see that it’s just a continuation of blowing you but in a different position.

Ahhh, but it’s a much more submissive position, isn’t it? He just went from equal to being more submissive without even knowing it. Do you see what’s happening here? You’re slowly getting him acclimated to “receiving.”

Go slow. The goal is for him to enjoy your cock. This is important because you’re training him to like a hot, stiff, hard dick go in and out of his body.

3. Get On Top Of Him

Position him on his back and as you get on top put his hands on your raging hard-on so that he can feel its masculine strength. Stay there for a few minutes and let him enjoy it, kissing him passionately all the while.

Notice what’s happening. This is yet another way for you to make him feel comfortable—and sexy—with submissiveness. After all, you’re on TOP of him and he’s enjoying it! Now, did you know that gay men subconsciously open their legs when they can feel and see the length and thickness of a cock they love?

Now is the time for you to….

4. Rim Him

Give your top an experience of anal pleasure without penetration.

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“Rimming” is about kissing and licking in, on top and around his anus. Always use the flat of your tongue, not the tip, otherwise you’ll give your partner a stabbing sensation. If you really want him clutching the sheets with agonizing pleasure make sure your tongue and lips are as wet as they can be.

Here’s a stellar tip from How To Top Like A Stud:

Picture yourself biting into a lemon. it will stimulate your saliva glands so that your mouth, tongue and lips will be sexy, sexy wet. By the way, this is a great trick for giving great head, too. The new, hot wetness in your mouth will make your top’s back arch with pleasure. Perfect! Now you’ve got his hole quivering with the anticipation of your tongue. And soon, your dick.

Make it even hotter by rimming him in a jockstrap. Get fucked or fuck him in a jockstrap next time. 

5. Put Your Hard Cock Between His Legs

Let’s review. You’ve gotten your top comfortable with being in submissive sexual positions AND to associate pleasure with his anus.

Here’s your next move: Get on top and use your knee to gently spread his legs apart. Then put your finger in his mouth to remind him of your dick going in and out of his mouth. Then slide your dick between his legs without trying to penetrate him.

This will give him the pleasurable sensation of your thick, hard cock rubbing gently alongside on his hole. Now he’s panting for your cock.

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But there’s one problem: His fear of pain. That’s when you…

6. Use the Total Sphincter Relaxation Method

Here’s how it works: Put the head of your cock tightly up against the opening of his anus (with a lot of lube of course!).

Tell your partner to tighten his sphincter as hard as he can for as long as he can. He’ll last about 20-30 seconds because it’s not possible to keep it tight for much longer.

As his sphincter muscle involuntarily relaxes, his body will begin to slowly swallow your cock.

It uses timing and a fact of physiology (a muscle cannot remain tight forever) to create the perfect moment for no-pain penetration.

7. Teach him to love his g-spot

Finally, teach him to love his g-spot by making him cum using this hot prostate massager.

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Now that you’ve topped your top, what next?

Use this guide for advice on speed, depth and thrusting techniques and you’re guaranteed to give your partner the climax of his life.

And THAT is how turn a top into a bottom!

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