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Mob Of Angry Trump Supporters Swarm Anti-Trump Protesters In Miami, Yell Anti-Gay Slurs

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Mob Of Angry Trump Supporters Swarm Anti-Trump Protesters In Miami, Yell Anti-Gay Slurs

Video of an angry mob of pro-Trump supporters descending on a lone anti-Trump supporter in Miami has gone viral hours ahead of Donald Trump’s arraignment hearing in a federal courthouse in Miami Tuesday afternoon.

Trump is expected to be taken into custody and placed under arrest by US Marshals and arraigned during a 3 p.m. ET court hearing before a magistrate judge. He’s expected to plead not guilty to the charges.

The area around the federal court in Miami has been put on a “soft lockdown” as thousands of protesters have started to gather ahead of Trump’s arrival.

Award-winning documentarian Ford Fischer shared several heated exchanges between pro and anti-Trump protesters, including one where an anti-Trump protester wearing a prison-style costume and holing a “lock him up” sign and was separated by police from the Trump supporters after a tense confrontation.

As the man walks by a group of Trump supporters, one supporter can be heard yelling “Get this gay fucking guy off the street!”

The man responds by defending the LGBTQ+ community, saying: “You have something wrong against gays? They have a right in this country, ok? Lock your ass up too. Lock your ass up. You got something against them?”

After the first exchange, someone in the crowd could be heard shouting “fa*got” as he walked by and “get this gay out of here.”

In a second exchange shared by Fischer, a man wearing a “fuck Trump” blazer and holding a “Pussy Ass Trump” sign was surrounded by Trump supporters who yelled “Get the fuck out of here, now!” before threatening to beat him up.

As police approached the scene, one Trump supporter could be heard telling the cop the man had a gun on him. Police were able to separate the group and later allowed the man to continue his peaceful protest.

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