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Anti-Gay Bigots Are Now Upset Bugs Bunny Dressed In Drag In The 1940’s

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Anti-Gay Bigots Are Now Upset Bugs Bunny Dressed In Drag In The 1940’s

Looney Tunes triggered some vocal cry babies on Twitter this week with a tweet wishing everyone a Happy Pride month.

In a tweet Thursday, which was the first day of Pride Month, the official Looney Tunes Twitter account posted a tribute to Bugs Bunny in various drag outfits.

“Happy Pride, get your drag on,” Looney Tunes wrote.

The right-wing outrage machine was quick to alert readers to the tweet, as one site falsely claimed Looney Tunes was “just the latest children’s entertainment brand to embrace drag culture.”

Everyone’s favorite animated rabbit first appeared in drag in the 1940s — a portrayal of drag that’s made him something of an icon among both the drag and LGBTQ+ community.

RuPaul credits Bugs Bunny as his starting point for drag. When recounting his childhood in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, RuPaul said, “As a kid, I always dressed in everything. I would use all the tools available as a human to express myself. No sexual connotation to it. It was just stuff. Bugs Bunny was my first introduction to drag!”

Many “outraged” conservatives shared a litany of anti-gay slurs attacking Looney Tunes and the LGBTQ+ community, calling them groomers and calling for a boycott of Warner Bros.

However, the vast majority of comments were supportive of Bugs and drag.

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