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Target Caves To Bigots, Pulls Some Pride Merch From Store Following Threats


Target Caves To Bigots, Pulls Some Pride Merch From Store Following Threats

Target announced it will be removing certain items from its stores and making other changes to its LGBTQ+ merchandise selection and store displays across the nation in response to backlash from some customers, which has included violent encounters with Target employees.

Target released a statement on Tuesday, stating, “Since the introduction of this year’s collection, our team members have experienced threats that have affected their sense of safety while at work. In light of these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, which include removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.”

Although Target has not disclosed the specific items being removed, notable attention has been drawn to “tuck-friendly” women’s swimsuits, designed to allow transgender women who have not undergone gender-affirming procedures to feel comfortable concealing their private parts. Additionally, designs by Abprallen, a London-based company specializing in occult- and satanic-themed LGBTQ+ clothing and accessories, have faced backlash.

The Pride merchandise has been available for purchase since early May, with Pride month scheduled for June.

Target has also confirmed that, due to confrontations and negative reactions from shoppers in certain Southern regions, it has relocated its Pride merchandise from the front of stores to the back.

Furthermore, Target has been the target of several misleading videos circulating on social media in recent weeks. These videos falsely claim that the retailer is selling “tuck-friendly” bathing suits specifically designed for children or available in children’s sizes.

This move by the retail giant comes at a time when beer brand Bud Light continues to grapple with its own backlash. The brand faced criticism after attempting to broaden its customer base through a partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. In an effort to regain lost sales resulting from the controversy, Bud Light’s parent company has announced plans to triple its marketing spending in the United States this summer.

For approximately a decade, Target, Walmart, H&M, and other retailers have been expanding their LGBTQ+ displays to commemorate Pride month. However, this year, transgender-related issues, including gender-affirming healthcare and participation in sports, have become contentious topics in state legislatures, leading to a hostile backlash.

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