Rep. Lauren Boebert Wants To Make It Illegal To Come Out Before Age 21

Colorado Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, who has garnered a reputation for embracing radical right-wing ideology and Q-Anon conspiracy theories, has proposed that Americans should be required to remain ‘undeclared’ about their sexual orientation or gender identity until they reach age 21.

“We require people to be 21 to purchase alcohol beverages, and 21 to purchase tobacco products,” the Colorado congresswoman wrote in a tweet posted on April 1.

“Why is it so unreasonable to require people to reach a certain level of maturity before making life-altering decisions about their sexuality and identity?”

Twitter users were quick to point out the high school dropout’s hypocrisy, notably her publicly held views on unfettered access to firearms including those who are only 18 or indeed younger.