Student Discussing Homophobic Bullying Heckled By Angry Parent Yelling ‘Indoctrination!’ At Meeting

A high school student who was speaking out about homophobic bullying during a school committee meeting in Franklin, Mass. earlier this week was heckled by an enraged woman in the audience.

“I am gay,” Franklin High School senior Mackenzie Atwood told the committee Tuesday. “Call me what you want about that, I’m being personally attacked in school about that.”

Atwood was interrupted mid-sentence by a parent in the audience who was heard yelling, “This has to stop. This is the indoctrination.”

Atwood, shocked and fighting back tears, removed her face mask and expressed disbelief that the parent would look her “in the eye and say that I’m not being oppressed at this.”

It was emotional because Atwood is openly gay and has witnessed the bullying firsthand.

The school committee chair intervened, condemning the parent’s conduct.

Franklin schools superintendent Dr. Sara Ahern later sent a letter to school parents, referring to the incident as “appalling” and “unacceptable.”

The student’s mom, Laura Atwood, told CBS Boston that it was “sad” to have “adults acting that way.”