“Male Karen” Hurls Homophobic Slurs At Fitness TikToker Filming A Back Workout, Shirtless

A viral TikTok captured the moment an unidentified gym member hurled homophobic slurs at Fitness TikToker Nick Nush (@nicknush0) as he filmed a back workout while shirtless.

“You’re shirtless in the fucking gym, [R-word],” the unidentified man, who appears to be filming Nush, says from several feet away.

The man eventually walks up to the 18-year-old college student and yells “fuck you” to his face multiple times before calling him a “fa#got”.


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“I don’t even know this dude and I’m confused as hell what’s going on,” Nush says in a voiceover in the TikTok. “He continues to stare at me, flip me off, and mouth things at me.”

Nush later told the Daily Dot that the entirety of his interaction with the man was shown in the video and that he was “shocked that the man would record him and speak to him with hostility.”

“I didn’t know what to do because I’ve never thought someone would act like this in the gym,” Nush told the publication.

The viral TikTok video has been viewed more than seven million times and has received nearly 30,000 comments.

Many applauded Nush for keeping his composure during the encounter, while others pointed out that his experience is similar to that of female-bodied people at the gym.

“Good job being the adult,” said one commenter.

“This is toxic masculinity in action,” @daviesrme commented. “You just experienced a tenth of what most women have to endure in the weights section every day.”