FBI Arrests Trump-Loving Bodybuilder Who Beat Capitol Cops After Monthslong Hunt By Internet Sleuths

Former Michigan bodybuilder Logan Barnhart has been arrested by the FBI more than seven months after he was photographed dragging a police officer down a set of stairs during the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Barnhart, 40, faces multiple charges, including assaulting federal officers with a dangerous weapon, the FBI said.

According to HuffPost, Barnhart became a “white whale” for internet sleuths searching for information on unidentified insurrectionists in the aftermath of the attack. The “Sedition Hunters” community gave Barnhart the nickname “CatSweat” because he was seen wearing a Caterpillar-brand gray sweatshirt to the Capitol on January 6.

In April, Sedition Hunters used images of Barnhart’s face taken at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 to search publicly available facial-recognition materials on the internet. The search yielded multiple images of Barnhart, including photos of him on bodybuilding websites and in photography portfolios, according to the HuffPost.

The group of online sleuths even uncovered photos of a shirtless Barnhart posing on the cover of multiple romance novels: “Photos of a shirtless Barnhart even graced the cover of romance novels with names like ‘Stepbrother UnSEALed: A Bad Boy Military Romance’ and ‘Lighter,’ which included the slogan ‘wrong never felt so right.'”

A photo Barnhart posted on his Instagram page in July 2019 was used to positively ID him as the same suspect seen participating in the Capitol riots. In the photo, Barnhart is seen wearing the same American flag that he would be photographed in at the Capitol on January 6. An August 2020 video on his account featured a similar Caterpillar-brand sweatshirt as well, reports the HuffPost.

Federal prosecutors allege that Barnhart was part of a group that attacked police officers outside a tunnel on the western side of the Capitol. Barnhart on Tuesday was added to a 22-count indictment that names seven people accused of being involved in the attack on a DC Metropolitan officer.

“After participating in the attack on the Capitol, Barnhart continued to post right-wing material on Instagram that dismissed the threat of COVID-19,” reports the HuffPost. “He posted a video of himself inside a Walmart (where he said he was the only person not wearing a mask) as well as memes about LeBron James and rants about Black Lives Matter.”

Just a month after taking part in the attack, Barnhart sarcastically mocked the “amazing FBI doing some fine investigative work.”

“Like I’ve said multiple times. Everything you’re being told about this is a lie and it will be revealed,” Barnhart wrote on Feb. 5. “Sorry but what really happened at the [Capitol] is being hidden from you.”