RNC Abruptly Removes Webpage Hailing Trump’s ‘Historic’ Taliban Deal, Claims It Was Part Of Routine Web Maintenance

The Republican National Committee abruptly removed a webpage touting President Donald Trump’s peace deal with the Taliban just as Afghanistan’s central government collapsed this weekend.

The webpage, which was first posted on the Republican National Committee’s website in September 2020, hailed Trump’s foreign-policy achievements.

Wayback Machine, an internet-archive site, said the page was removed on August 15 just as the US forces began evacuating officials from its embassy as Taliban militants seized control of the country.

Here’s is a saved screenshot of the webpage as archived by Wayback Machine:

The RNC pushed back against claims that the page was removed in response to events in Afghanistan, according to Yahoo News.

“It said the page was removed as part of a process, which started last week, of transferring old posts to a new website,” the site reported.

“This is so dishonest. We launched a new website last week… some of the old posts haven’t been carried over yet. Go look… all blog/research pieces from years ago aren’t there. But good try attempting to divert attention from the folks actually in charge of this disaster,” Mike Reed, the deputy chief of staff at the RNC, tweeted in response to a tweet from Weigel.

And here’s what the webpage looked like as of Monday afternoon: