‘Anti-Masker’ Caught On Video Verbally Harassing Elderly Woman For Wearing Mask On Subway

An unidentified man was caught on video yelling in the face of an elderly woman who said she wished he would be fined for refusing to wear a mask on a New York City Subway train.

In the video, posted to Instagram early Monday morning, the man can be seen smiling and hovering over the woman as she tells him: “I wish the police would give you a $50 fine.”

“I’m so afraid,” the harasser replies, sarcastically.

“Please get away from me sir,” the woman says before he begins chanting ‘1776’ while pumping his fist in the air.

“Respect your elders,” the woman shouts at the man, to which he tells her to sit back down, and says, “I respect freedom.”

“You know what I respect? I respect freedom. What do you respect?” he asks, turning his attention to the man filming the encounter. “What do you respect? Take a seat, sit down, sit the f*** down.”

User @Subway_DJ, who initially posted the video to Twitter, said the incident took place on the Q train in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He said despite the man’s behavior nobody intervened.