Trump Rages Against Out Lesbian “With The Purple Hair” For Being A “Woke”, “Leftist Maniac”

Donald Trump issued a deranged statement on Friday attacking the US women’s soccer team after they failed to make the gold medal game and won a bronze at the Tokyo Olympics.

“If our soccer team, headed by a radical group of Leftist Maniacs, wasn’t woke, they would have won the Gold Medal instead of the Bronze,” Trump said in a statement sent to reporters.

“Woke means you lose, everything that is woke goes bad, and our soccer team certainly has. There were, however, a few Patriots standing. Unfortunately, they need more than that respecting our Country and National Anthem,” he added.

“They should replace the wokesters with Patriots and start winning again,” he added before taking a swipe at Megan Rapinoe, who scored twice in Team USA’s 4-3 win over Australia to clinch the bronze on Thursday. “The woman with the purple hair played terribly and spends too much time thinking about Radical Left politics and not doing her job!” he said as he finished off his rant.

Following the loss to Canada, many pro-Trump conservatives took to social media to blast the US team and Rapinoe in particular, blaming their elimination on their progressive politics. Many cited the team’s past public stances against racial injustice. One of the critics was Ben Shapiro, who tweeted: “They’re still the champions at kneeling though, which is the important thing.”