Pastor Orders Congregation ‘Not To Get Vaccinated,’ Calls Biden Voters ‘Crack Smoking, Demon-Possessed’

Pastor Greg Locke of the Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee has ordered his congregation not to get vaccinated or wear masks.

During his Sunday sermon, Locke argued that the quickly spreading Covid-19 Delta variant is a hoax and that President Joe Biden lost the election.

“I’ve been right about all of it!” Locke shouted. “Woo! Yes! Yes! These wicked fools don’t win in the end. They don’t win in the end. So all this fear bull crap is that. Bull crap! Say amen!”

“I am not apologizing for what I said on this platform last week,” he continued. “The delta variant was nonsense then. It is nonsense now. You will not wear masks in this church! You will not wear masks in this church!”

“Do not get vaccinated! Do not get vaccinated!” he screamed.

Locke then insisted that Biden’s “days are numbered.”

“I’ve told you the whole time this election was fraudulent!” he preached. “We’ve got so much proof. The only people that can deny it are crack-smoking, demon-possessed leftists.”

Locke made national headlines last week when he warned his congregation that wearing a mask inside his church would get them kicked out.

Members of Locke’s own family recently denounced his views in an interview with CNN.

“If you don’t want to take a vaccination that’s entirely up to you,” Locke’s cousin Chip Davis said. “But to spread misinformation about it is dead wrong, in my, in my opinion. And it could potentially lead to more loss of life.”