Queen Latifah Publicly Comes Out After Sending Love To Her Partner & Giving A Shout-out To LGBTQ Community

During her coronation as the Lifetime Achievement doyenne at the 2021 BET Awards Sunday, Queen Latifah finally addressed her long-questioned sexual orientation after the star mentioned her longtime partner, Eboni Nichols, and their son, Rebel.

“Peace — happy pride!” exclaimed Latifah — real name Dana Owens — in the closing remarks of her acceptance speech.

Queen Latifah has previously refused to address years of non-stop rumors about her sexual orientation.

In 2010, she was photographed embracing her then-rumored girlfriend on a yacht.

Queen Latifah remembered her mother while accepting the honor, who passed away in 2018.

“There is no way that I could have had the parents that I was born to – my father, my mother [who died in 2018], who is still so much in me – my family, I love you – my siblings. My best friends who ride or die with me whether my face is on the dirt or I’m flying in the skies – they know me. And they’re there for me.”

She also expressed her love for her partner and their son. It’s the first public acknowledgment of an addition to her family since it was rumored to happen in 2018.

“I’m gonna get off this stage, but I thank you so much for all of you, the fans for supporting every crazy-ass thing I’ve done through the years. And thank you for making Equalizer No. 1. Eboni, my love. Rebel, my love. Peace. Happy Pride!”

“Queen Latifah expressing her love for her partner and wishing us all a happy Pride as she accepted her Lifetime Achievement Award tonight had me emotional,” McKensie Mack tweeted after the speech. “So many Black queer kids watching the show tonight are being so affirmed by our people.”