Trump Supporters Spew Anti-LGBT Hate Online After CMT Unveils Its Pride Month Logo

Conservatives are losing their minds after County Music Television (CMT) changed their Facebook page logo to a rainbow version of their logo in honor of Pride month.

Since changing their logo on Monday, CMT’s Facebook page has been inundated with vile anti-LGBT messages attacking the network for “caving to political correctness” and asking “where is the straight flag.”

Mike, a proud Trump supporter, wrote: “Well the kind of so called country music now days fit their wussafide pop rap crap.”

Tanner wrote: “What the hell they celebrating pride month to[sic]”.

Homophobe David S. wrote: “Not for perversion.”

Daryl wrote: “I’m proud to be white and straight.” Sammi wrote: “Disgusting, pandering, money obsessed fools. Country music is officially Godless.”

Calvin wrote: “Great so now CMT done jumped on the gay pride band wagon what a joke no more CMT for me.” Jason wrote: “Every time I see a rainbow I unlike the page I’m sick of seeing it where is the straight flag.”

But not all comments were hateful anti-LGBTQ messages. Hundreds of messages praised CMT for standing up for human rights and the LGBTQ+ community.

Sarah Kohler wrote: “Thank you so much! We can love country music and believe in basic human rights!”

H.M. wrote: “Thank you, CMT for standing with ALL OF US!” Another wrote: “Thank you, CMT! You CAN love Country Music and support equality and human rights! We all need to stand up for equality, until the ones who are still sitting are the ones who stand out.”

Tony Duncan wrote: “Happy for CMT im gay. Its not a political thing. Its to support the LGBTQ. Because there are a lot of haters out there. And its time to stand up and support people.”