Newsmax’s Trump Birthday Segment Derails When Woman Tears Him Apart On-Air

The far-right cable network Newsmax attempted to honor former President Donald Trump by asking random pedestrians to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Newsmax sent one of their reporters to wander the streets of Huntington Beach, California to ask people to send Trump birthday messages on-air.

The segment went off the rails for the pro-Trump network when they made the mistake of asking an older woman for her birthday greeting.

“I’m not going to wish you a happy birthday because I think you’re a jerk and I think you should be in jail for all the laws that you broke,” said the woman.

“What laws specifically?” asked the reporter who was clearly displeased with her remarks.

“Of course you would ask me that,” said the woman, calling out his partisan agenda.

“For the details?” he asked.

“For the details and I’m sorry I don’t have any details. Sorry,” said the woman.

“Makes sense,” the reporter said dismissively.