Arby’s Employee Fired After Writing Homophobic Slur On Gay Couple’s Receipt

An Indiana man was fired from his job at Arby’s after he allegedly wrote a homophobic slur on a receipt for two male customers, WLFI reports.

Last Sunday afternoon, John Burns, who was at Arby’s with his partner, Craig Gray, noticed that the order name on their receipt was a homophobic slur.

An image of the receipt, posted to Facebook by one of the men, shows the anti-gay slur “f**” next to where the name for the order was supposed to be written.

“I was shocked, just because the kid seem like he was new on the job and he was really nice,” said Burns.

“This young man has learned this behavior somewhere,” he added. “You know, there are some people out there that don’t get people out there are like this and that’s wrong.”

According to President for Pride Lafayette, Ashley Smith, the incident highlights a bigger issue.

“What did this person think when he did this, he or she. Did they feel like they got fired because they got in trouble or got told on by some customers. Do they realize the gravity of what they did,” Smith said, adding that allies of the LGBT community “should stand up if they see something happening.”

“You stand up and you say this is not ok. What else can be done, in the moment, if you see this happen you can’t just ignore it.”