Ted “Cancun” Cruz Blasted For Using Anti-Gay Slur To Attack US Military Ad

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has come under fire for using an anti-gay slur to attack a US Army ad, claiming that the Democrats and the media are turning the military into “pansies”.

Angry veterans fired back at Cruz after he retweeted a video juxtaposing a macho recruiting video for the Russian Army with a video of a real-life daughter of two mothers becoming a US Army corporal.

Cruz tweeted: “Holy crap. Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea….”

Cruz continued his criticism of the US Army ad, tweeting: “I’m enjoying lefty blue checkmarks losing their minds over this tweet, dishonestly claiming that I’m ‘attacking the military.’ Uh, no. We have the greatest military on earth, but Dem politicians & woke media are trying to turn them into pansies. The new Dem videos are terrible.”

The executive director of the Lincoln Project, Fred Wellman, responded to Mr Cruz, tweeting: “Bulls***. Veterans and service members are attacking you because you called our Army ‘woke’ about the story of a real soldier who is currently serving and compared it to a Russian video from 2014. You are such a hack. We see you and you’re a cowardly [piece of s***].”

“Pansy” is defined as a disparaging and offensive word for someone who’s homosexual, according to Merriam-Webster.

Cruz spokesperson Erin Perrine told The Independent: “Sen Cruz passionately supports the brave men and women of the United States military and has repeatedly expressed concerns that Democrat politicians, left-wing bureaucrats, and the media are politicizing our armed forces to promote a fringe woke agenda based on identity politics.

“Our military should be focused on winning wars, and we endanger our national security and our service members when they focus on anything else.”

The TikTok video retweeted by Cruz shows a stony-faced, muscular man doing push-ups, lying in the snow with a rifle, and jumping out of a plane.

Former director for European affairs for the national security council and a lieutenant colonel in the US Army, Alexander Vindman, tweeted: “Because you served in the military so you know, right? The US military is second to none. Please keep it out of your political theater. I hear there are actual problems Congress needs to address. BTW didn’t you swear to support and defend the US Constitution?”

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, who lost both her legs while serving as a helicopter pilot in Iraq, also went after Cruz, mockingly using his opening words: “Holy crap. Perhaps a US Senator shouldn’t suggest that the *Russian* military is better than the American military that protected him from an insurrection he helped foment?”

Veteran and director of communications for Catholics for Choice, Charlotte Clymer, wrote: “Am I surprised that Ted Cruz is mocking our military as ‘emasculated’? No. This is the coward who wouldn’t even stand beside his own wife when Trump publicly talked sh** about her.”

The hashtag #emasculaTED trended on Twitter in the hours following Cruz’s post.

VoteVets, a liberal group which urges veterans to run for office, tweeted: “Ted Cruz attacks a US Army soldier for telling her story, says he prefers Russians. Because Ted Cruz is a sedition-loving traitor.”