“You Guys All Tip Like Sh*tbags”: Racist Karen Harasses Black Soldier At IHOP In Viral Video

A deranged woman was filmed harassing a group of U.S. Army soldiers at a Virginia IHOP and was also seen blocking one of them from leaving the restaurant.

The video shows the woman approaching the group of fully uniformed soldiers and telling them, “Just so you know, I came back in to give her the rest of the cash from my wallet because you guys all tip like shitbags.”

“Ma’am, please walk away. Please,” a Black soldier, later identified as Joé Jeffers Jr., can be heard asking the woman from behind the camera as he is seated at a booth.

Instead of walking away, the woman proceeds to sit down next to Jeffers, trapping him in the booth.

“No, no no, no. Ma’am, can you please leave?” Jeffers asks her.

“Because?” she asks twice.

“We’re leaving. Can you excuse (me)? I’m trying to get out,” Jeffers says.

She is seen picking up the soldier’s cap from the table.

A man, later identified by the TikToker as a retired Air Force veteran, tries to intervene on the soldiers’ behalf.

He takes the cap from the woman and hands it back to its owner after telling the woman that she’s “making a problem.”

He then asks if there’s “a cop” in the restaurant because “they need to get her out of here.”

As the woman continues to refuse to let the soldier exit the booth, Jeffers climbs over the booth to leave the restaurant.

She then accuses the soldiers of being part of BLM and Antifa. “Are you the thin blue line? I get confused. Are you BLM? Are you antifa?” she questions.


##AllLivesMatter ##SayNoToRacism ##BLM

♬ original sound – Joé Jeffers Jr.

In a second video, the woman appears to want to fight the veteran, telling him that she will “f*cking drop” him and repeatedly asking him: “You wanna go?” She throws her glasses down on the table as she gets ready to fight.


Air Force Vet steps in to defends us from Racist White Woman ‼️‼️##SoldierLivesMatter ##SayNoToRacism

♬ original sound – Joé Jeffers Jr.

“I’m a US ARMY soldier & i had my first encounter with a racist woman,” Jeffers wrote in the caption of the first video, including the hashtags #AllLivesMatter #SayNoToRacism #BLM.

The first video has been viewed over 9.6 million times since being posted early Tuesday.

In Jeffers’ latest video, he thanks TikTokers for their “concerns” and “words of encouragement.”

“The situation is being handled,” he reveals. “I prayed about it. I let it go mentally. It’s out of my hands. My higher command has control of it now, so it’s being investigated.”

He also forgives the woman in the video. “Whoever she is, if you’re seeing this ma’am, it’s OK. I forgive you. Let’s just move on from this. Say no to racism,” he concludes.


Part 3 !!! Stop harassing US Soldiers !! ##SoldierLivesMatter

♬ original sound – Joé Jeffers Jr.