Mexican Researchers Develop Nose-Only COVID Masks To Wear While Eating, Drinking

Researchers in Mexico have developed a nose-only COVID-19 mask designed for people to wear while eating and drinking.

The mask, which was widely mocked online after it was featured in a Reuters video on Wednesday, is meant to be worn similarly to a typical mask with straps behind the ears but the fabric solely covers the nasal area instead of both the nose and mouth.

The widely circulated video shows a man and a woman sitting down to eat at the same table and taking off their regular masks to reveal that they are also wearing the nose-only mask.

The pair then eat and drink while wearing nose-only masks.

The World Health Organization recommends the public wear masks that provide coverage over the nose, mouth and chin.

The nose-mask was widely mocked on Twitter, with many comparing the nose-mask to a clown nose.