Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group Leader Declares Biden’s Agenda Is “From The Pit Of Hell”

Tony Perkins, president of the anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council, declared that the political agenda being enacted by President Joe Biden is “literally from the pit of hell” and warning that it will provoke God into unleashing his judgment upon this nation.

Perkins, who served on President Donald Trump’s evangelical executive advisory board, made the remarks during an appearance at the Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California on Wednesday night with right-wing pastor Jack Hibbs about current events.

“These are challenging times, I’m not, I am not gonna put any kind of spin on it, the policies that are coming out of this administration are literally from the pit of hell,” Perkins told end times pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California, as Right Wing Watch reports.

“Within, within hours of taking office, forcing you as a taxpayer to be involved in funding abortions, not just here in America and abroad, around the world. The attack on religious freedom. The attack on our children with forcing schools, this transgenderism on elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges and our nation’s military, our military has now become once again, a laboratory for social experimentation,” Perkins lamented.

“They’re treating our men and women in uniform as if they were laboratory rats for their social policy. So America’s in a very, I would say precarious situation.”

Tony Perkins Says Biden's Agenda Is 'Literally From the Pit of Hell' from Right Wing Watch on Vimeo.

Perkins, along with Vice President Mike Pence and many on the far-right, were able to convince Trump to ban transgender service members from the U.S. Armed Forces.