Georgia GOP Lawmakers Mock Cardi B’s “Backside” During House Floor Debate, Sparking Backlash

Georgia Republican lawmakers sparked controversy this week after they publicly mocked singer Cardi B’s “backside” during a debate on the state House floor.

During a discussion on Monday about anesthesia legislation, Rep. Kasey Carpenter (R) rose to ask a question, reports RawStory.

“Is it not true that this bill will provide safety measures to ensure that Cardi B’s backside implants will be safe and ensure a lifetime of effectiveness?” Carpenter said to uproarious laughter.

“You promised me you wouldn’t get into this booty bill thing,” House Health & Human Services Committee Chairman Lee Hawkins (R) replied. “But yes, this provides protection for any type of procedure in an outpatient setting.”

Women lawmakers responded to the joke by calling out the Republican legislators for a history of sexist and degrading remarks.

“Appalled! Women of the Georgia Legislature have endured multiple sexist public comments on the House floor,” Rep. Kim Schofield (D) tweeted. “Today was the height of it. Rep. Kasey CarpenterD4 asked about how a bill would affect @iamcardib implants on her backside. Not ok!”

“If fighting voter suppression and other bills wasn’t enough, we are also having to endure penis jokes, jokes about geriatric porn, and parliamentary inquiries about Cardi B’s butt. Y’all, I’m tired,” Representative Dr. Jasmine Clark (D) agreed.

“In what universe is this ok?” Rep. Renitta Shannon (D) asked.