Trump Widely Mocked After He’s Greeted By ‘Lone Supporter’ Upon Return To NYC: Report

Former President Donald Trump was widely mocked online after The New York Post reported that he was greeted by a “lone supporter” during his less-than-triumphant return to New York City.

The twice-impeached, one-term president arrived at Trump Tower just before 9 p.m. Sunday in a black SUV, where a lone supporter was across the street with some members of the media, reported the New York Post.

Trump reportedly waved to his supporter from his SUV.

The New York City police department last month began removing some of the barriers set up in front of the building that had been set up when Trump was inaugurated.

It’s not clear why Trump returned to his former residence and flagship real estate property.

Twitter burst into laughter after hearing reports of Trump’s “lone supporter.”

“That’s worse than none,” one Twitter user wrote. “The one dude couldn’t even get a friend to join him.”

“Was it Lindsey?” asked another.

“Opportune time. Throw the cuffs on him and arrest him,” a commenter suggested.

“I would be happy if he were met by a single cop with cuffs,” wrote another.