Trump Jr Shares Blatantly False Photo Claiming US Military Painting Trans Flags On Bombs

Picking up where his father left off, Donald Trump Jr. was caught red-handed sharing a photoshopped image purporting to show a U.S. military aircraft carrying a bomb with a Transgender pride flag, a rainbow Boeing logo, along with a “Black Live Matter” flag.

The image sparked outrage among Trump Jr.’s 4.3 million Instagram followers, who blasted President Joe Biden for dropping “Woke Bombs” on the Middle East.

“It’s so nice to have #unity and #diversity as we start to bomb the hell out of the Middle East again,” the president’s eldest son tweeted to his followers last week alongside the fake image.

The photoshopped image quickly went viral online, spreading to Twitter and other social media platforms. Online fact-checkers have yet to label the photo a fake as of this writing.

Several Twitter users debunked the fake photo, sharing a link to the photo’s original source, a 2018 article by The Combat Workshop.