GOP Sen. Josh Hawley Hung ‘Poster Of Shirtless Male Model’ Over His Bed In College: NY Times

GOP Rep. Josh Hawley, who objected to the certification of electoral college votes mere hours after insurrectionists stormed the Capitol building in their own attempt to stop the certification, reportedly hung a poster of a handsome shirtless man over his bed in college.

The curious detail was a part of a New York Times report looking into the senator’s background following his widely condemned objection to the 2020 election results. “Interviews with dozens of people close to him show his growing comfort with doing what it takes to hold on to power,” the Times reported.

Hawley, who voted against the confirmation of the first gay Cabinet Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, last month, reportedly hung the poster in his room while attending Stanford University in the late 90s.

“On campus, Mr. Hawley wrote columns for the conservative Stanford Review and was active in student ministry groups,” the Times writes. “He described his worldview in gauzy phrases like ‘a proper sense of shared citizenship,’ but drew a clearer line on at least one issue. Above his bed he hung a sepia-toned poster of a shirtless male model cradling a newborn; when asked by classmates, he said it reflected his fervent stance against abortion.”

The Times also added this curious detail: “The Hawley spokeswoman said the poster is ‘not something he remembers. But he’s proudly pro-life.'”

Here is the poster in question, according to the newspaper:

The Times report sparked a thousand questions online: