GOP Rep. Boebert Melts Down Over Equality Act: “It’s Supremacy Of Gays, Lesbians & Transveshikes”

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) attacked the Equality Act during a bizarre rant on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, referring to the landmark pro-LGBTQ legislation as a bid for the “supremacy of gays, lesbians & transveshikes.”

“The so-called Equality Act, which we all know is the Democrats using a play on words,” said Boebert – who has previously accused Spongebob Squarepants of being gay. “There is nothing about equality in that act. If anything, it’s the supremacy for gays, lesbians, and transveshikes.”

The Equality Act bans discrimination against LGBTQ people as well as cisgender, heterosexual people since it addresses sexual orientation and gender identity generally.

But Boebert claimed that the bill is “about putting them higher than anyone else. It’s not about equality.”

Boebert went on to falsely claim that the Equality Act is not needed because the 14th amendment already covers what the Equality Act would, it does not.

“If you look at the Constitution, that is where equality is kept secure and held sacred. We have the 14th amendment that says that all men are equal under the law. So we need to hold that supreme rather than woke ideology.”

The Equality Act would add sexual orientation and gender identity to existing federal civil rights legislation, expand the definition of covered public accommodations under the law, and clarify that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act doesn’t supersede civil rights laws.