‘Racist KKKaren’ Calls TikToker A ‘Token Black’ At Poorly Attended Pro-Police Rally: WATCH

A Massachusetts woman, dubbed “Racist KKKaren” by some Twitter users, was caught on camera admitting that she is a “KKK racist” while participating in what appears to be a poorly attended “Back the Blue” rally.

The video, which reportedly took place in Halifax, Massachusetts, was recorded and shared by TikTok user @dillyonce on Sunday.

In the video, a white woman identified by @dillyonce as Cara Cahill Lydon is seen standing with a group of mostly unmasked rally participants. One of them was seen holding a sign reading: “MA Backs the Blue.”

One of @dillyonce’s fellow counter-protesters is seen holding a flag combining the classic LGBTQ rainbow and the trans pride flag. A Black Lives Matter flag is also seen flying atop the dual pride flag.

Lydon is attempting to engage with @dillyonce, a Black woman, at the start of the video.

Lydon asks where the group’s “Black friends” are.

“You’re a token Black,” Lydon tells @dillyonce.

“Yes, I’m a racist now. I’m a racist,” she admits while smugly grinning.

“I’m a KKK racist,” she shouts after @dillyonce repeatedly tries in vain to have a productive conversation with her.

“Get the fuck out of my face,” she tells @dillyonce, holding her phone up like a shield. “You love using your Blackness.”


Reposting bc tt is racist. she just mad she ain’t black, educated, and sexy. ##karen ##racist ##fyp ##boston ##southshore ##whiteprivilege ##snowpossum

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Lydon appears to have since deleted her Facebook.