Mean Girls Star Jonathan Bennett Appears To Have Accidentally Leaked His Own Di*k Pic

Jonathan Bennett has found himself in a Chris Evans situation.

The ‘Mean Girls’ star appears to have leaked his own nude photo by mistake and fans are going wild on social media.

The actor has apparently failed to notice before uploading the photo (NSFW link).

Over the weekend, the 39-year-old actor, who played Aaron Samuels in the hit 2000s movie, shared a photo of his espresso shot as he enjoyed a day out in the sun.

The actor, who was poolside, apparently failed to notice that he was sharing more than what he wanted fans to see.

Some eagle-eyed fans noticed that, in the reflection of the espresso shot, the actor was completely nude.

Bennett was quick to remove the story from his Instagram as soon as he realized what he did.

However, that did not stop people from reacting to it on social media.