GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert Mocked For Not Understanding How The Constitution Works

Twitter users mocked GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert (Colo.) on Friday over a tweet in which the newly elected congresswoman argued that defending the U.S. Constitution “doesn’t mean trying to rewrite the parts you don’t like.”

“Protecting and defending the Constitution doesn’t mean trying to rewrite the parts you don’t like,” Boebert tweeted Friday morning.

Users on Twitter were quick to point out to the gun rights advocate the many changes that have been ratified to the Constitution since it became the country’s official legal framework in 1788.

“According to the Philadelphia nonprofit the National Constitution Center, the constitution as first drafted in 1787 did not include the first 10 Amendments, also known as the Bill of Rights,” reports The Hill. “In the more than 200 years since these first set of rights were adopted through an agreement with several states, more than a dozen constitutional amendments have been added that many Americans point to as pivotal moments in U.S. history, including the abolition of slavery, guaranteeing women the right to vote and establishing the legal voting age at 18 years old.”

After Boebert’s misinformed tweet, many Twitter users decided to give her the civics lesson she apparently missed in high school.