Trump Is ‘Particularly Upset’ Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez Are Performing At Biden Inaugural: Report

President Donald Trump is reportedly spending the remaining days of his presidency “in anger” – though “aides said his dark mood has lightened since he began planning a rousing military send-off for himself.”

According to The Washington Post, Trump is raging about the “unfair treatment” he says he is receiving from businesses, members of his own party and even from Hollywood celebrities.

“President Trump, in his days as the star of ‘The Apprentice’ reality-TV show, often attended star-studded events,” The Post reports.

“A believer in the power of being associated with marquee names, he hired Elton John and Billy Joel to sing at his and Melania’s wedding in 2005. But his harsh rhetoric, hard-line immigration policy and other stances during the 2016 campaign led Hollywood to largely boycott his inauguration. Now as Trump rages about what he describes as unfair treatment from all sides — from people he hired, from businesses he helped with his policies, from members of his own party and even from celebrities — his wife just shrugs and moves on.”

The Post also reports that Trump is “particularly upset” that Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez have agreed to perform as part of Biden’s inaugural celebrations.

“Since Jan. 6, every day has dumped more bad news on the president, including his historic second impeachment,” the newspaper reports. “But one person close to the president said it can be hard to predict what will bother him most and that even with all that was going on, he was particularly upset that Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Hanks and other stars agreed to perform as part of Biden’s inaugural celebrations.”