Popular Orthodox Rabbi Warns Followers COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Could Make You Gay’

An ultra-Orthodox rabbi in Israel has reportedly urged his followers not to get the potentially lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines because it might “turn them” gay.

Israel Hayom, one of Israel’s most popular daily publications, reports that Rabbi Daniel Asor told his followers that the use of “embryonic substrate” could “cause opposite tendencies.”

In a recent sermon posted to social media, Asor warned his supporters that “any vaccine made using an embryonic substrate, and we have evidence of this, causes opposite tendencies.”

“Vaccines are taken from an embryonic substrate, and they did that here, too, so…it can cause opposite tendencies,” he added.

Asor previously caused controversy for spreading conspiracy theories surrounding the coronavirus, including that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was planning to microchip children as part of a plan to sell Israel to a global “Shadow government.”

He also falsely claimed that COVID-19 was engineered to “cull global population,” and that the virus and its subsequent vaccines are the products of a “global malicious government” ran by Bill Gates, the Freemasons, and the Illuminati,” who seek to “establish a new world order.”

Havruta, an organization of religiously-inclined Jewish LGBTQ people who work to promote acceptance of the LGBTQ community in Israel, responded sarcastically to Asor’s claims, telling Hayom that it was “currently gearing up to welcome our impending new members.”

Hayom noted that Asor is an outlier in Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Haredi community, with leaders urging members of the community to adhere to coronavirus guidelines and to get vaccinated if possible.