Gay Capitol Rioter Now “In Fear For My Life” After Bragging About “Attacking People” At US Capitol

Kristopher Dreww, a gay hairdresser who bragged about participating in Wednesday’s violent US Capitol riot that left at least five people dead, says he is now afraid for his life.

Dreww, who goes by the name “Adorable Deplorable” and is a popular figure with the online right in part due to his podcast, shared a video on Wednesday bragging about having the “fucking cops running from us” during the deadly Capitol siege.

“I just got back from storming the Capitol,” said Dreww in a video that went viral during the attack on the Capitol last week. “It was successful. For all you bitches on Facebook going crazy talking about it was Antifa, and saying it wasn’t us, it was us. We proudly took back our Capitol.”

“I’m only at the hotel to get some gear on, I’m going back, baby. They brought the National Guard out for us and shit. We had the fucking cops running from us. Not because they are bitches but because they’re smart.”

He went on to brag about forcing members of Congress and their staff to evacuate the Capitol and hide in tunnels and safe rooms: “I will tell you one thing, we stormed that motherfucking Capitol so hard that everybody evacuated it out the other end. Left. That’s ours baby. It’s mine. It’s yours.”

In a subsequent video, Dreww tells the camera he went to DC to “attack people.”

“I will not let the media make us out to seem like we went to DC and got attacked, bitch, I want you to know we went there to attack people and for once, I’m not ashamed of that,” he said. “I’m gonna admit it. I’m gonna scream it from the rooftops: We went there to attack people…I will continue to attack people.”

In a new interview with the Orange County Register, Dreww said that he drove all the way back to his home in Huntington Beach, California and was receiving death threats along the way – from both opponents and supporters of the president.

“I’m scared,” he said, on the verge of tears. “I fear for my life.”

He told the newspaper that he believed he was going to a peaceful protest in D.C.

“I do regret not doing my research and not knowing what people were in there. I am proud we took back our house, but I thought we took it back peacefully,” he said about the protestors who violently breached the US Capitol’s security and chanted “Hang Mike Pence” while beating an officer to death.

And he claims that he “never went inside the Capitol” and instead just ate sandwiches under a tree outside of the building.

“There are other people who did terrible things and should be arrested,” he insisted, explaining that he’s worried that he’s being investigated by the FBI. The FBI is not commenting on individual investigations.

Dreww said that he’s also concerned about his business, Hair By KristopherDreww.

The business’s Yelp page has been flooded with negative reviews, many of them talking negatively about his participation in the failed coup.