New Cadbury Commercial Features A Real-Life Gay Couple Sharing A Creamy Egg

Cadbury’s brand new LGBTQ+ inclusive ad is getting a lot of attention this week for showing a real-life gay couple intimately sharing their famed Crème Egg.

The U.K. ad for Cadbury Creme Eggs – entitled “It’s the Creme Egg Golden Goobilee!” – features two men kissing and biting into a chocolate egg together.

The ad shows different kinds of Cadbury Creme Egg eaters, and one category listed is “sharers.”

That’s when two men are shown holding hands before sharing the chocolate egg between their mouths while the excited announcer shouts, “Sharers! Yeah! We are down with that!”

“Calling all eggs-ibitionists!” the announcer bellows. “Let the eat-tainment begin!”

Released on Monday, the ad celebrates five decades of Cadbury hollow chocolate egg-filled with a sweet fondant.

The ad is one of two holiday ads aimed at increasing LGBTQ+ representation and outreach. Doritos Mexico released a commercial last month showing a divorced father reaching out for help in communicating his acceptance of his gay son and his boyfriend.