Ivanka Urges Trump Supporters To ‘Fight For Trump’ After Saying Their Votes Were ‘Cancelled’

President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump on Monday encouraged supporters to “fight for Trump” at a rally in Georgia for Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

“Georgia will decide whether our children will grow up under an oppressive government or whether America will remain the land of the free,” Trump said at the rally in Milton, Georgia. “I think we know what Georgia’s going to decide.”

The White House adviser encouraged Republicans to cast their votes early despite her father’s public crusade against mail-in ballots.

“People fight the hardest for what they love the most,” Trump said, referring to her father. “The reason my father is fighting so hard, the reason my father will not stop fighting is because he loves you, the American people.”

“My father, our president, is the voice in Washington for the forgotten men and women of this nation,” she continued. “Far too many Americans and Georgians feel that their voice has been silenced and that their vote has been cancelled.”

Trump added: “We must send David and Kelly back to the Senate to defend election integrity and protect American democracy and fight for Trump.”

“Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump!” the crowd chanted in response.