Comedian Eddie Izzard Praised By Fans For Using She/Her Pronouns In Latest TV Appearance

Comedian Eddie Izzard, 58, is being congratulated by fans who noticed she now uses she/her pronouns.

Earlier this week, the stand-up comedy star, appeared on Sky Arts series Portrait Artist of the Year in which the show’s host Stephen Mangan and contestants referred to Izzard as “she” and “her”.

During the show, Eddie directly asked if she could publicly be referred to as “she” and “her”, confirming that she was “gender fluid.”

Speaking about her decision, Izzard said: “This is the first program I’ve asked if I can be ‘she’ and ‘her’ – this is a little transition period.”

She said “it feels very positive”, adding: “I just want to be based in girl mode from now on.”

Izzard’s fans reacted to the appearance with supportive messages on social media, with one fan even remarking: ‘Thanks for being a trailblazer.’

Many used the opportunity to highlight how much they love the comedian and political activist.

“I can’t tell you what she means to me as a comic,” Shappi Khorsandi wrote.

“Rocked my comedy world when I was a teen and beyond. Changed everything, made room. I love her and this morning I’m very happy for her.”

Writer Shon Faye added: “Good for Eddie Izzard asking for the pronouns she/her to be used so publicly. As far as I can gather, she isn’t a trans woman – she’s gender fluid – but prefers the feminine pronoun. Good for her”

“I love Eddie Izzard and hope she gets everything she wants in this life,” another Twitter fan wrote.

In 2017, Izzard told The Hollywood Reporter: “I am essentially transgender. I have boy mode and girl mode. I do feel I have boy genetics and girl genetics.”