Homophobic MAGA Marchers Chant ‘Shame’ During Pro-Trump Drag Queen’s Speech

Police say at least four people were stabbed and nearly two dozen were arrested on Saturday night when pro-Trump demonstrators clashed with counter-protesters after thousands of aggrieved Trump supporters took to the streets of the nation’s capital to rage against President Donald Trump’s loss to President-elect Joe Biden.

According to The Washington Post, the stabbings occurred near Harry’s Bar at 11th and F streets NW, where the neo-fascist Proud Boys had assembled. The Proud Boys are the same far-right male-chauvinist, anti-LGBTQ hate group that the president told to “Stand back and stand by” during a September presidential debate when he dodged a chance to condemn white nationalists.

Members of the hate group were caught on video vandalizing buildings and setting fires to “Black Lives Matter” banners on the streets of DC.

Another video shows a mob of Trump supporters terrorizing unsuspecting motorists caught up in the late-night mayhem.

Earlier in the day, Lady Maga, a Trump-supporting drag performer, was publicly shamed by thousands of Trump supporters as she attempted to speak to the crowd on a megaphone.

MAGA supporters began to chant “Shame! Shame! Shame!” at the performer who belongs to the so-called “Walk Away Movement” of former Democrats (many of whom identify as LGBTQ+) who have left the party to become Republicans.

“I am a proud patriot, constitutionalist, and a free American standing up for my country,” Lady Maga tweeted in response to Jon Miller, who tweeted the video and called the performer “transgender” in his tweet. “[Jon Miller,] you’re funny. I’m a happy theatrical man. Dictionaries are helpful.

“These people (especially “Tiny Tim [Nick Fuentes]) are just sad,” Lady Maga, the drag persona of Ryan Woods added. “So sad.”

At the same rally, Several Proud Boys were spotted wearing yellow and black plaid kilts and painted the word “ANTIFA” on their butts in an attempt to “own” patriotic anti-fascists.

After seeing the display online, the maker of the kilts disavowed the hate group on Twitter.

“Disgusted to see members of ‘Proud Boys’ a fascist terrorist [organization] wearing our products,” they wrote. “We’re LGBTQIA+ owned, operated, designed, and lived. We’re against everything they stand for. i see $750 of our gear in the picture. I just gave $1,000 to the NAACP to redirect hate to love.”