Gay Man Slammed With Fatphobic Abuse After Revealing His ‘Before & After’ Body Transformation

Twitter user Tyler Swift declared he was “happier than ever” while sharing a before and after picture showing his body transformation over the last two years.

His post triggered a wide array of polarized comments, from those shaming his weight gain to those congratulating him for being happy and unafraid to share his truth.

Swift, who also advertises his OnlyFans on his Twitter profile, was inundated with comments urging him to “stop romanticizing and encouraging obesity, it’s not healthy.”

“I love you’re happy as you are, nobody is going to say you look bad, but it would be better stop romanticizing and encouraging obesity, it’s not healthy,” wrote one Twitter user. Another responded to that comment by noting: “Romanticizing and encouraging before and afters that involve steroids and HGH aren’t any better, but no ones commenting on those posts about health.”

Many chose to mock and ridicule Swift’s post:

Some applauded his happiness but also expressed concern for his overall health:

Others were just completely supportive of his post:

Swift later thanked all those who responded to his post with love and support.

“But I’m so happy I have the support I do from you guys, so thank you so much for being there for me and my happiness,” he tweeted.