MAGA Anti-Maskers: We Can’t Catch COVID Because We Don’t Have ‘Vibrational Frequencies’

An interview featuring a pair of Trump-supporting anti-maskers has gone viral this week after the duo explained that they can’t catch COVID-19 because they lack “vibrational frequencies.”

“We don’t have the vibrational frequency to host the virus,” one of the women explained during the interview.

Her friend interrupts to proudly note she “taught her that.”

“So, if you don’t have that vibrational frequency right here, you’re not gonna get it,” she said as she pointed to her throat.

“We don’t have the vibrational frequency to get COVID?” the interviewer asked the woman.

“Correct. Do you know that everything in this universe vibrates and is alive? There is life with that – that’s what I’m talking about,” she replied.

“I don’t put life into Covid,” her friend added. “I’m not going to wear a mask. I never wear a mask. Ever.”