TikToker Kicked Out On The Street After Coming Out Discovers His Homophobic Dad Is Gay

TikToker @zephryn’s wild coming out story has gone viral on the social media platform TikTok this weekend, accumulating nearly 11 million views in just 4 days.

According to his story, set to a sample of a “Bad Romance” cover, Zephryn explains that he and his older sister, who is bi, were both kicked out of their home by their homophobic father.

Zephryn explains that he came out at age 15 and got “kicked out by homophobic father and sleeping in the street for 2 days cause my parents were divorced and no way to tell my mom.”

“My dad starting a new job and giving his old laptop to my nephew but leaving his craigslist and email logged into so my sisters did some investigating,” he writes in an on-screen caption.

“My dad selling himself for gay sex on backpages on Craiglist and getting money PayPaled to him and finding years of cheating with men,” he continues.

“Having someone on Grindr send me pictures of an orgy with my dad’s pictures as one of the participants,” he claims before revealing how he decided to seek revenge for being kicked out on the street by his hypocritical father.

“My sisters and I putting all the evidence in Christmas stockings for the whole family on Christmas morning 2017,” he said before the video cuts out.


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In a subsequent video, Zephryn explains that his father raised him in a so-called “straight lifestyle.”

“He raised me in a straight lifestyle, which was always hunting, fishing, ATVing, Monstertrucking, We did those things every weekend,” he explains. “I obviously hated those things. I love gaming, I loved fashion and stuff like that even when I was a little kid.”