In Epic Fail, Ex-Trump Lawyer’s Lawsuit Accidentally Claims Votes Were Stolen From Biden In Georgia

Former Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell and pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood, when arguing on Friday that the Eleventh Circuit has jurisdiction to hear its appeal, mistakenly claimed that Dominion Voting Systems rigged the election against President-elect Joe Biden.

The epic fail can be found in the first paragraph of their background presentation of their case, as highlighted by Law&Crime.

“[T]here were all imaginable varieties of voting fraud,” appellants said, “including machine-controlled algorithms deliberately run by Dominion Voting Systems that generally took more than 2.5% of the votes from Mr. Biden and flipped them to Mr. Trump for a more than 5% fraudulent increase for Mr. Biden.”

In two lawsuits from Powell last week, she misspelled the word “district” in three ways — all, again, on the first page of the filing.

In a case in Georgia, the court was misidentified as “THE UNITED STATES DISTRICCT COURT, NORTHERN DISTRCOICT OF GEORGIA.”

And in Michigan, the court was identified as the “UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, EASTERN DISTRCT OF MICHIGAN.”

The same Michigan suit was riddled with formatting errors, garbled sentences and also misidentified one of its experts as “Higgs” when the man’s name is Briggs.