Rudy Caught Laughing As His Star Voter Fraud Witness Says ‘All Chinese Look Alike’

The Michigan state legislature held a bizarre marathon hearing on Wednesday evening as Trump campaign lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis continued their crusade to defy the will of the American people by overturning President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory over President Trump.

One of the so-called “witnesses” Giuliani trotted out before the committee was a naturalized American citizen from India, who served as a Republican poll watcher at the TCF Center in Detroit on election day.

She spoke at length about various interactions she had with others that she thought indicated widespread voter fraud — though it needs to be made clear that she and the other witnesses didn’t provide a single piece of evidence to back their voter fraud claims. One specific complaint she had, which had little to do with what she was there to testify about, was that people can vote without a photo ID.

“The other representative said that you can actually show up and vote without an ID,” she said. “Shocking. How can you allow that to happen? Like, a lot of people think all Indians look alike. I think all Chinese look alike. So how would you tell? If some Chow shows up, you can be anybody and you can vote. And if somebody with my name — you can’t even tell my name — anybody can vote on my behalf. So ID should be the basic requirement.”

Video from the testimony shows Giuliani struggling to contain his laughter as did Jenna Ellis, who could also be seen cracking a smile after the racist remark.

Sen. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) took to Twitter to blast the woman’s remarks: “So we can add anti-Asian racism to this circus of a hearing full of lies and complete lack of knowledge of election processes? Great. What a waste of time and taxpayer dollars. We are in the middle of a pandemic. People are dying. We have problems to solve. End this circus.”

Giuliani was also forced to “shush” one his own witnesses during the hearing.

The witness, Melissa Carone, was a contracted IT worker who was responsible for fixing malfunctioning vote-counting machines at Michigan’s TCF Center. She clashed with Republican state Representative Steve Johnson.

Carone claimed that voting machines would jam and that poll workers were putting votes through the machines “thousands of times.”

“Counting votes, ballots nine or 10 times,” she said.

Rep. Johnson told Carone that she should be testifying under oath but she argued that she had signed an affidavit.

At one point, Carone was speaking over Johnson and Giuliani leaned toward her and appeared to tell her to “shush.” She went on to claim that poll workers had been brought to what she called a “Chicago warehouse” where she witnessed fraud.