“I’m A Scientist!”: Karen Berates Bank Employees Over Mask Request She Claims Might “Kill Me”

A maskless “Karen” has gone viral after she was caught on video berating employees at a Citibank branch in Englewood, NJ after she was politely asked to wear a mask while inside the bank.

The viral video, which was shared on Sunday and has already racked up nearly a million views, shows the white woman claiming she would take the bank to court for asking her to comply with a mask mandate.

“I will take this all the way, I am going now to court to fight masks and you are not going to tell me what to do,” the woman warns the employees.

The woman then demands the employee’s name before yelling, “you work for me, I do not work for you. I’ve been a customer since 1990. Were you born then?!”

“Shame on you!” the woman yells. “Count your days, count your days! Bully! What, this is giving you the right to be a bully? Because you’re brainwashed?”

“I’m a scientist! There is no corona. Don’t make me wear your mask. Are you trying to kill me?” she yells at the employees.

The woman then berates the employees further, wanting to know if they were trying to “kill” her by asking her to wear a mask to keep customers and other employees safe.

“Give me your name and your number now, you’re done!” she continues yelling as other customers watch in disbelief.