Former Apprentice Staffer Claims Trump Soiled Himself On Set, Required Diapers

Comedian and former Celebrity Apprentice staffer Noel Casler has once again accused President Donald Trump of recreational drug use that he claims left him requiring the use of adult diapers.

Casler shared a video on Friday hours after Trump’s odd seating posture inspired the viral Twitter hashtag #DiaperDon.

The hashtag emerged after a sometimes-tense Thanksgiving Day news conference in which Trump snapped at the Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason, who asked the president whether he would concede if the Electoral College voted to officially make Joe Biden the winner of the US election, as it is scheduled to do on December 14. At one point, Mason appeared to talk over Trump, prompting him to respond “don’t talk to me that way.”

“You’re just a lightweight,” Trump continued. “Don’t talk to me that way. I’m the president of the United States. Don’t ever talk to the president that way.”

Trump later vented his frustration on Twitter, to which Twitter users responded by mocking him with the hashtag and sharing memes about the small desk he used for the press conference.

Casler took to Twitter Friday morning, writing: “re: Trump not cleaning himself when changing out Depends, it is because he wears a hard plastic girdle and he doesn’t have the freedom of movement. Its why you see him turn his body from the waist so strangely when standing. #DiaperDon”

“The diapers is not a joke, it’s Depends,” Casler said in the video. “You know #DiaperDon is trending but it’s based in reality. He would often soil himself on The Apprentice Set. he’s incontinent from all the speed, all the Adderall he does, the cocaine that he has done for decades. All that stuff has a laxative effect on your bowels and his are uncontrollable.”

“He’s worn diapers since probably the 90s and I saw it first hand in the 2000s on Celebrity Apprentice – in the late 2000s and we’d have to stop the show and change him. You know, that was Keith Schiller’s job, to take him offset, he would wipe him down – our nickname for Keith was wet wipes. It’s not a joke. It’s happened several times.”

“He does it and he almost sits there unaware of it, and one time I saw Ivanka have to kind of go whisper in his ear and then Keith came and took him offstage. He’ll also do it in a rage, and this is where it gets kind of drug-related One time there was the word ‘arbitrage’ on a cue card and he started screaming that the script department was setting him up. ‘You’re setting me up!’ And he just freaked out and then very loudly evacuated his bowels and you could smell it.”

“And the guy who was holding the boom mic was tearing up. And that’s where the nickname the ‘shitshow’ came from. That was the crew nickname for Celebrity Apprentice,” he added.