“I Know Crooks Really Well” Rudy Says Before Absurdly Claiming Trump Might Have Won Virginia

President Donald Trump’s planned trip to join his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday was abruptly canceled before the event was set to begin.

Trump was expected at the event where Republican state lawmakers are holding a so-called “hearing” on allegations of fraud in this month’s election. The president did call into the event where he praised Giuliani.

Despite Trump’s cancellation, Giuliani still attended Wednesday’s “hearing” in Pennsylvania, where he falsely claimed that Trump may have won Virginia, a state that the president lost by more than 450,000 votes.

“[Virginia] turned out to be separated by 1 percent!” Giuliani falsely claimed during the hearing. “I think we may actually have won Virginia.”

As Bloomberg News reporter Josh Wingrove notes, the official results actually show that Trump lost Virginia by 10 percentage points.

Giuliani went on to claim that the entire election in Pennsylvania was illegitimate and had been rigged by criminals, which he said he knows “really well.”

”I know crooks really well,” Giuliani said of the alleged criminals in Pennsylvania. “You give them an inch and they take a mile. And you give them a mile and they take your whole country!”