Twitter ‘Grossed Out’ After Rep. Matt Gaetz Tweets His Horniness For Tiffany Trump

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida took to Twitter last night to declare his horniness for President Trump’s daughter, Tiffany.

Back in June, the Trump sycophant declared that he is “not gay” after appearing on Fox News a day earlier with his newly revealed 19-year-old “son,” Nestor Galban.

Gaetz surprised social media users this summer by revealing he has a Cuban-born “son” after a fiery exchange with Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) a day earlier where Gaetz accused Richmond of suggesting Republicans do not know what it’s like to worry about raising a non-white child.

“For all those wondering, this is my son Nestor. We share no blood but he is my life. He came from Cuba (legally, of course) six years ago and lives with me in Florida,” Gaetz wrote on Twitter. “I am so proud of him and raising him has been the best, most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life.”

In October, Gaetz declared his “love” for President Trump.

“I will never love another President again!” he tweeted.

Trump’s boot-licker took it a step further Wednesday night to declare his sexual attraction towards Tiffany Trump.

Gaetz was responding to a photo of Tiffany posing in a red Nancy Reagan pantsuit inside the White House.

The Florida Republican tweeted a string of flirty emojis that seemed to imply he found the photo deeply arousing.

Tiffany responded by hitting the “like” button on the 38-year-old bachelor’s tweet, but many internet users were left “grossed out” by the exchange.