‘Gays For Trump’ Supporters Furious With Biden’s Victory, Not Taking Trump’s Loss Well

President Donald Trump won 28 percent of the LGBTQ vote compared to the 61 percent won by former Vice President Joe Biden, according to preliminary exit polling conducted by Edison Research, which compiles demographic information for every U.S. election, published last week in the New York Times.

Self-identified LGBTQ voters also represented 7 percent of the electorate — the highest percentage in any election since the LGBTQ vote was first recorded in 1996.

For the roughly 28% of LGBTQ voters who backed Trump’s anti-LGBTQ administration, the nightmare of having a pro-LGBTQ president and vice-president is just beginning.

To be clear, Trump’s anti-LGBTQ record includes a transgender military ban, arguing against LGBTQ inclusion in civil rights in court and green lighting anti-LGBTQ discrimination in the name of religious freedom.

Many so-called “Gays For Trump” supporters took to Twitter this weekend to lash out at cable news outlets who declared Joe Biden the winner on Saturday.