Pro-Trump Caravan Blocks Major New Jersey Highway Creating Nightmarish Traffic Jam: WATCH

Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters shut down New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway on Sunday, leaving many angry residents wondering how the stunt helps their candidate just days before Election day.

“We shut it down, baby! We shut it down!” a man shooting a video of the nightmarish traffic jam can be heard shouting in a clip posted to Twitter.

The 16-second video pans over three express lanes near Cheesequake, New Jersey, in the middle of the state, that were brought to a complete standstill as cars and trucks with Trump 2020 flags beep their horns and people walk around without face masks.

This latest highway incident comes just days after a caravan of pro-Trump supporters attempted to run Joe Biden’s campaign bus off a major highway in Texas.

A Biden campaign staffer told The Daily Beast on Saturday that “Trump supporters surrounded the bus on the highway and slowed down in front of it, attempting to stop it or run it off the road.”

The FBI has launched an investigation into the incident in Texas on Friday, described by some outlets as an “ambush” and “MAGA truck attack,” which led to at least one collision as a pro-Trump truck crashed into a Biden staffer’s SUV. The disturbing incident forced the former vice president to cancel his planned event there over fears for his safety.

The president shared his support for the Texas caravan on Saturday, tweeting a video of the incident showing pickup trucks and large SUVs with Trump flags on all sides of the Biden campaign bus as it was driving on the I-35 in Hays County. He also gave the group a shoutout at a rally on Saturday.