Teen Brilliantly Pranks MAGA Parents Into Telling Her Not To Date Someone Like Trump

A teenager brilliantly tricked her hardcore MAGA parents into demanding she not go on a date with someone who she described using Trump’s vile characteristics.

The teen, Faith (@faithashjuran), secretly filmed her parents as she spoke to them about this guy she planned to see over the weekend.

Faith lays the foundation in the now=viral TikTok video, stating, “Seems like he has a really good relationship with the Lord.”

She then starts giving them more details about her hypothetical suitor: “He does have a few sex assault allegations though.”

Her parents are visibly shocked and worried that she would even consider dating someone with sexual assault allegations against them.

For a second, her mother thinks she’s pulling a prank on them. “No, I’m serious,” Faith responds.

Her mom responds, “Why would you date this guy if he has sexual assault allegations?”

Faith responds to defend her date, stating, “‘Cause there’s no proof!”

Her father interjects and tells his daughter, “Honey, you can’t do that.”

“Also did a deep dive on his Twitter and he’s said some kinda racist stuff,” Faith added.

“Why would you even consider this?” asks her father and her mother adds, “With sexual assault allegations? That’s never good.”

“But you’d let a man like this run the country?” asks Faith, cluing her parents in to the fact that she was only invoking Donald Trump’s character to expose their hypocrisy.

Her mother is not at all amused by Faith’s prank.

Her father is still confused but then her mother explains it, telling him that “she’s pulling our leg and pulling a Trump card.”

“Seriously, Faith?” mom adds.

One Twitter user wrote, “The saddest part to me is you can see the critical thinking stop as soon as they realize it’s political. They cease thinking for themselves and allow tribalism to take over despite being presented with a fair and rational argument. They didn’t even try to defend it.” Another Twitter user concurred, writing, “Yup. It’s an interesting experiment because it proves that they only care if it directly affects them.”